Virtual Reality Bomb Defusal

This fun and exciting workshop requires participants to work together under extreme pressure as they attempt to communicate and collaborate effectively to disarm a ticking bomb.

Using Virtual Reality we are able to simulate the life or death decision making of a bomb disposal expert in the comfort and safety of any classroom or event space.

One of the team is designated the ‘Defuser’ and uses the Virtual Reality headset to interact with the bomb. The rest will be the ‘Experts’, who must use the Bomb Defusal Manual to guide the Defuser to identify the bomb’s components and disarm them before the timer detonates.

Co-operation, communication, attention to detail and a steady hand are required if you are going to avert a catastrophe, so Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes! Whether it’s defusing a bomb or deciphering information from the manual, everyone has a crucial role to play.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes! (c) Steel Crate Games