Design and code pixel graphics to customise your own classic video game.


Pixel Dash is an exciting new workshop where students can immerse themselves in game and level development. They will be responsible for creating characters, obstacles and collectibles as well as developing increasingly challenging and puzzling levels. Through this they will be demonstrating the principles of computational thinking, applying knowledge, logic and creativity. By offering students a high quality, educational computing experience we are equipping them to be active participants in our digital world and providing opportunities to understand the fundamentals of game development.


The workshop begins by diving into some game play! Allowing students the opportunity to understand the function and structure of the program they will be working on.

Following on students will develop their own sprites using the tile editor. Applying rational thinking, creativity and Binary Arithmetic to design and program a variety of graphics. Through testing they will detect and repair any ‘bugs’ that they discover in the functionality of their designs.

The next step is to develop stimulating and creative levels that include the graphics they have previously designed. This challenges students to create various puzzles within the confines of the 13 x 10 grid of cells available. They have to apply computational thinking, logic, testing and debugging skills to ensure levels are engaging but not impossible. 

Dependent on the length of workshop, students can progress to advance level design, team testing and evaluation. Testing and evaluation can be completed as a class based follow up activity, worksheets available upon request.

All students will be able to play and share their finished game with friends and family via the Educaft website.

Impact on learning and Curriculum links:

Pixel Dash offers students the opportunity to use computational thinking to design, develop and debug their own program to accomplishes a specific goal.

This workshop is designed to complement the Key Stage 2 & 3 National Curriculum with direct coverage in the following ways:

  • Design, write and debug
  • Variables and repetition
  • Detect and correct errors
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Algorithms
  • Explore different software and its purpose
  • Data Storage and Manipulation
  • Use technology safely and for purpose
  • Textual programming language
  • Boonlean logic
  • Binary digits
  • Digital artifacts


Pixel Dash is accessible and adaptable to students of all abilities. Before your workshop is delivered we will discuss any individual needs your class may have.