Taking the computing curriculum back to the future!


Our innovative workshop is designed to enthuse today’s students into the world of computer programming. Through the use of original 1980s computer technology, 80s Classroom provides a unique and accessible entry into coding for Primary Schools.

Britain was at the forefront of the computing world in the 1980s. Most UK schools were equipped with BBC Microcomputers after the broadcaster commissioned the design of a new computer to complement a national TV series “The Computer Programme” which aimed to improve computer literacy across the UK. However, the lack of a graphical interface (such as Windows) meant that even the youngest user would need to understand basic system commands just to operate their computer at home or at school.

The UK lost its way during the 1990s and 2000s, concentrating on consumer IT skills rather than creative computing skills. Designed to support the 2014 computing curriculum, Educraft’s ‘Classroom of the 80s’ package aims to support the return to creative programming by fusing history and technology in a novel and entertaining way. Classroom of the 80’s offers a unique, hands-on opportunity to experience life in the 1980s computer room and enthuse students to become the next wave of UK coding heroes.

The 80s Classroom can be tailored to suit Key Stages 2-4 and is delivered via instructor-led, practical components:


  • An introduction to syntax and commands through simple yet rewarding programming challenges
  • Design and draw computer graphics using popular 1980s art packages or create a school newspaper using desktop publishing (DTP) software
  • Use cassettes and floppy disks to LOAD, SAVE and COPY files and programs
  • Classic educational software and fondly remembered games of the time like Granny’s Garden or PODD
  • Enabling further home study through the use of BBC Micro emulators on a modern PC

Impact on learning and Curriculum links:


  • The history of these islands
  • World history
  • Significant developments in British history
  • How Britain has influenced the wider world


  • Coding and Debugging
  • Textual coding
  • Variables and repetition
  • Algorithms


The 80s classroom can be tailored through differentiated programming challenges and the level of historical detail.