Make n’ Break Computers

Build and program a fully working computer and electronic game with no electronics or computing experience required!

By the use of preprinted overlays we are able to increase or decrease the complexity of the computer and controller builds, meaning that Make n’ Break computers can be enjoyed by children in key stages 2, 3 or 4!

Session 1:

  • Learn about the origins of TinyBasic and the history of computer programming
  • Build your very own TinyBASIC computer from the bare components
  • Test and program your new machine

Session 2:

  • Build an electronic TinyPONG game controller to use with your TinyBASIC Computer
  • Create and run a custom TinyPONG light-show program
  • Install and play the TinyPONG game using the computer and controller that YOU built
  • When we are finished with MAKE , it is time to BREAK the machine by carefully detaching all of the components from the computer ‘breadboard’.

As a reward for participating in the course, everyone will receive a printed certificate before they leave.

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